Simpson Elementary began the day with songs in the gym. Mrs. Zachman and Mrs. Stoppel did an amazing job leading these activities. Afterwards, the kids got the opportunity to listen to our superintendent, Ms. Swayne, read a book to them.
over 3 years ago, Jordan Perez
Mrs. Zachman and Mrs. Stoppel
Look at the excitement!
Char Sohm, Duane Adams, and Andrea Krug Krauss completed their 4.5 year term in office as members of the USD 407 Board of Education. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION AND SERVICE TO USD 407!
over 3 years ago, Jane Cline
A special group of 5th graders blessed the USD 407 office with their time and talents as carolers today!
over 3 years ago, Shelly Swayne
BES 5th grade students caroling @ USD 407 12/18
A new opportunity for communication as USD 407 Superintendent Shelly Swayne brings you 6 Minutes w/ Swayne. Topics today: Teaching positions, the heat and electricity in our classrooms, and professional development. Please email with topic ideas or questions for the next episode in 2 weeks. You can always drop by the office or catch her for ideas as well. And yes, the end isn’t as graceful as hoped, but it did rebuild nicely 🤣
over 3 years ago, Russell County USD 407
A great #EdCamp night for our parents @ SES tonight! @parentcenterhub @EdcampUSA helping us pave a way to greater communities & understanding! @LauraGilchrist4 ☺️
over 3 years ago, Russell County USD 407
Parents participating in Ed Camp
Parents listening to a talk at Ed Camp