Public Comments

Public comments during a Board of Education meeting are allowed under the Public Forum section of the agenda only. Patrons will be asked to abide by the following guidelines:

1.     The purpose of Public Comments is for the Board of Education to listen – not to interact.  Speakers are to state their personal views or their group’s views and are not to direct questions to a Board of Education member or to an administrator.

2.     Anyone wishing to speak in the Public Forum section of the meeting will be required to sign up before the meeting. A sign-up sheet will be available prior to the start of the meeting.

3.     No one will speak until the Board President recognizes him or her.

4.     Speakers will state their name.

5.     Each speaker will be limited to the amount of time set by the board president.

6.     In order to avoid repeating the same items over and over, you might want to have a spokesman or two designated to represent the views of the community.

7.     If the audience does not adhere to the guidelines as stated above, the Public Comments portion of the meeting will be ended immediately.