EAP CALL CENTER: 800-624-5544

Russell County USD 407 is providing a benefit for employees called the New Directions Employee Assistance Program. Employees will receive a range of services to help with everyday challenges. Employees can contact the EAP for help with:

  • Stress at Home and Work
  • Relationships
  • Parenting Questions
  • Grief
  • Depression and Anxiety

The EAP program will provide three free counseling sessions per issue with multiple issues qualifying per year.

The EAP is a free service. It is separate from employee health insurance and it does not cost anything to use it. Employees do not need to be subscribed to the district health insurance to benefit from this program.

The EAP is a confidential service. No information, including your name, is released without your written permission. USD 407 will not know if you use this program.

The EAP is available to the employee and to immediate family members that live in the employee’s household.

Financial Referrals

A 30-minute telephone consultation is available through the EAP. After the consultation, the employee can be referred to local resources. The referrals can be made for any financial issue (debt consolidation, budgeting, taxes, investments, etc.)

The financial section offers a range of financial calculators that can help people develop a personal financial plan, relieving financial worries. How much car can I afford? What will my CD be worth when it matures? Do I know how much I’m spending? What’s the best option for estate planning?

Look for the following types of calculators online:

  • Car Purchase Amount and Payments
  • Banking and Credit
  • Budgets
  • Planning for College
  • Estate and Retirement Planning
  • Home Mortgage and Refinance
  • Life Insurance
  • Investments
  • Salary and Benefits

In addition to the calculators, the financial section of the Health Resource library provides a wealth of content to help people untangle financial concerns.

Legal Referrals

Contact New Directions for a referral to a local attorney. The initial consultation with the attorney is at no cost and a 25% discount on the attorney’s hourly rate is available.


Log on to www.ndbh.com to access the website programs. Select for Individual and Family members and use ESSDACK as your pass code to access the dedicated member section.

For more information about how New Directions can help employees with other services, call 800-624-5544.