Colorful Hands

USD 407 Russell County Schools is releasing the application for eligibility to enroll in the 4 year-old preschool classroom based at Simpson Elementary School for the 2022-2023 school year. The child will need to be 4 by August 31, 2022 to be considered.  The application asks families to identify criteria based on the Kansas State Department of Education’s qualifications for enrollment. 

Although these indicators will help USD 407 in the enrollment process, they are not automatic qualifiers.  It is also important to note that families are not required to meet the indicators to qualify.  USD 407 hopes to find a balanced and integrated classroom of 4 year-olds.

USD 407 asks for families to please answer the application to the best of their abilities and return the application by Friday, May 13 @ 4:00 PM.  

You may find the application at the following locations:

  • Simpson Elementary School, 1323 N. Main

  • USD 407 District Office, 802 N. Main

  • - You may click on the Preschool Application link at the top of the “News” column.

The most secure form to return your application is by mail to: USD 407, 802 N. Main, Russell, KS 67665.   The paper applications may also be scanned and sent to Katie Revell (  Completing the application through the USD 407 website will be submitted automatically. 

You may drop them by the USD 407 District Office from Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. If you have questions please contact us via email at

Families who submit an application will be notified of enrollment beginning June 1 to help families determine if their child will be on the preschool roster or if they will need to enroll in a private preschool. 

Questions regarding the application process, contact Katie Revell, Principal, of Simpson Elementary School a

To access the electronic application, click here.