This communication is meant to give community and families an overview of the wellness at schools during the flu, cold and COVID-19 seasons.  When numbers of absences at schools push toward and over 20%, or when staffing classrooms is of high concern, the community can expect an update nightly at approximately 8:30 pm.

These overall wellness or illness numbers could initiate a shutdown response for schools due to the overall health or inability to staff classrooms and learning.  The district is not considering a mask requirement at this time for such an instance, only in the cases of COVID-19 would a masking component be considered as a mandated response.  Parents are always encouraged to abide by their own philosophy on masking and to send students to school to be as healthy as possible in such a flu, cold and COVID-19 season.

We encourage all families to create a "Plan B" for your household should school shutdown occur due to illness or staffing.  Please reach out to your students' schools if you need help or ideas.

The highlights indicate our level of concern at this time:

 Staff absences due to illness or COVID-19 are the highest risk to not hosting class at this time.

COVID-19 data is available linked here, including the mitigation planning for both COVID-19 and overall wellness.

Again, this is a way to communicate early with families as a way to not "surprise" anyone should a shutdown need to occur.  USD 407 will do its best to communicate any and all details as soon as possible to families.

Even as we see the numbers and understand the details of this season, please keep children home when they have a fever or are terribly ill.  The more we can create healthy students and staff now, the sooner all in our schools can find a more normal experience.


Wellness 1.17.22