USD 407 News

TO: Parents and Students USD 407
FROM: USD 407, S. Swayne
DATE: November 09, 2021, 11:00 AM

RE: Covid Protocols 2021

USD 407 has adapted the Covid protocols regarding schools beginning today, November 09, 2021.  The following details are what parents and students can expect:

  1. Students and staff who are covid positive may not attend school or school functions until released from KDHE isolation protocols.

  2. USD 407 will offer a Test to Know opportunity to students and staff who wish to know if they are Covid positive. 

  3. No student or staff mask requirements are in effect as a regular part of protocol. 

  4. Close contacts are not traced or defined by schools as of November 09, 2021.  

  5. Students and staff who find themselves as close contacts may attend school and activities without masking or testing.

    1. It is requested that all close contacts closely monitor their health symptoms. 

USD 407 will rely on parents and families honoring any details pertaining to Covid contacts in or outside of the home.  Please contact your student’s school should any student be ill or in contact of Covid.  It is highly encouraged, as always, to keep children who are ill at home according to healthy school participation beginning on page 26 of the USD 407 District Handbook.  

Any questions about schools or activities should be directed to your student’s attendance center or USD 407.  Please find frequently asked questions and answers regarding KDHE quarantine or close contact protocols linked here.  

You may find current school data and other details about USD 407 Covid work here

~Shelly Swayne

USD 407 Superintendent