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USD 407 Begins KDHE Testing --

USD 407 is pleased to announce a special program to allow students and staff the opportunity to stay in school and at work while making our way through this Covid pandemic.  The test to stay or test to know programming will allow parents and students the option to do a quick antigen test that will give proven readings of Covid indicators in 15 minutes. 

This programming is completely up to the parents to participate or opt- in.  Parents are given this opportunity as a simple alternative to at home quarantines when identified as a close contact of a positive covid case.  Shelly Swayne, USD 407 Superintendent of Russell says, “This falls in line with our highest priority to keep kids in school with staff who can help with education for our best services to the community.” 

The antigen tests are a BinaxNOW nasal swab that is manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics of Scarborough, Maine.  Testing kits are ordered by USD 407 and cost approximately $0.75 each.  KDHE reimburses USD 407 for the entirety of test costs on a quarterly basis.  Patrons may also buy these tests over the counter at local mainstream pharmacies. 

USD 407 hopes that this helps students and staff stay in school, while also helping families ensure safety and healthy living.  “Although there are always risks of illness in and out of school, it is our greatest hope that we can all work together to maintain our students in school”, said Swayne.