Rolling in the Deep

The RHS Winter Choir Tour is a new project from the Singing Broncos. Inspired by the title song “Rolling In The Deep,'' our tour tells a story of hardship and perseverance through a variety of popular songs from throughout the ages. With nearly every song arranged live during class, this has been a fun but ambitious project for the students and staff. Audience members can look forward to solos from the students and a variety of sounds from Mr. Sander’s keyboard, as well as guitar, bass guitar, and percussion from the director. As we tour around the town we haven’t forgotten that performing music is also about service. Students wanted to ensure that anyone could come and see our concert at public locations like Espresso Ect*, the Russell Senior Center, and the Russell Public Library. We have also included a stop by Simpson Elementary School and Homestead Senior Living to ensure that a variety of people who might not have an opportunity to see us get the chance!

March 7th:

Espresso Ect* - 10 A.M

Russell Senior Center - 11 A.M.

Russell Public Library - 2:30 P.M.