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Welcome to the Russell High School Counselor Page!


My goal is to provide a web page where you can find most of the counseling-related information you might need.  If you could walk into my office and ask for it, I want you to find it on this site.  I welcome your feedback.   If there is something you would like to have added to this page, please let me know. Below is a web page outline to help you find what you are looking for.


David Zachman

Russell High School Counselor


Counselor Web Page Outline

  1. Counselor’s Web page
    1. Career & Technical Education
      1. RHS CTE Pathways
      2. RHS Career Education
    2. College and College Preparation
      1. College Classes
      2. College Events and Information
      3. College Visits
      4. Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions
      5. Junior/Senior Pre-College Checklists
      6. KBOR Qualified Admissions Requirements
      7. KBOR Scholar’s Curriculum
    3. Daily Schedule
    4. FInancial Aid and Scholarships
      1. Financial Aid ResourcesScholarships  
      2. Scholarships
      3. Local Scholarships
    5. Parents and Students
      1. Opportunities
      2. RHS Information
      3. Curriculum Comparison
    6. Testing
      1. ACT
      2. SAT
      3. PSAT
      4. Kansas Assessments
      5. Frequently Asked Questions
    7. Transcripts- Frequently Asked Questions



David Zachman

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