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March Daily Assignments

March 1st and March 2nd 

Daily Writing Prompt: Watch Video and write your opinion.

Lecture: Review Women’s Suffrage Test

Video: Dr. Strangelove


March 5th and March 6th 

Daily Writing Prompt: Paraphrasing excecise.

Lecture: The Cold War

Video: The Cold War Begins


March 7th and March 8th 

Daily Writing Prompt: What types of stereotypes do people have about women? Why can stereotyping be dangerous?

Lecture: The Cold War

Video: The Cold War Begins


March 12th and March 13th 

Daily Writing Prompt: Who is your favorite female historical figure? What about her do admire?

Lecture: The Cold War

Video: 1956 Polish Uprising  

1956 Hungarian Uprising

Assignment: Answer questions on page 652


March 26th and March 27th 

Daily Writing Prompt: Should we have a women’s history month? Why or why not?

Lecture: The Cold War


March 28th and March 29th 

Daily Writing Prompt: None

Lecture: The Red Scare


Assignment: Answer questions on page 658