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February Assignments

February 5th and February 6th

Daily Witing Prompt: Do you believe racial harmony exists in the United States? Why? Give examples

Video: The Journeys of Apollo

Lecture: Finish manned Space Flight

Test: Manned Space Flight


February 8th and February 9th

Daily Witing Prompt: None

Test: Manned Space Flight


February 13th and February 14th

Daily Witing Prompt: None

Test: Manned Space Flight

Lecture: Begin Women’s Sufferage


February 15th and February 16th

Daily Witing Prompt: Are you truely a citizen if you cannot vote? ...if you do not vote?

Lecture:  Test review & Women’s Sufferage

Video: None


February 20th and February 21st

Daily Witing Prompt: Why did it take the U.S. so long (219 years) before electing an African American president?

Lecture:  Women’s Sufferage

Video:  Florence Kelley


February 22nd and February 23rd

Daily Witing Prompt:  None

Lecture: Women’s Sufferage

Video: Colorado Women’s Suffrage Vote.


February 26th and February 27th

Daily Witing Prompt:  None

Lecture: None

Test: Women’s Suffrage