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pdfJ Table of Contents pdfJA Goals and Objectivse pdfJB Attendance Records pdfJBC Enrollment pdfJBCA Homeless Students pdfJBCB Foster Care Students pdfJBD Absences and Excuses pdfJBE Truancy pdfJBH Release of a Student During the School Day pdfJCAB Searches of Property pdfJCABB Searches of Students pdfJCAC Interrogations and Investigations pdfJCDA Student Conduct pdfJCDAA Tobacco and Nicotine Delivery Devices pdfJCDB Dress Code pdfJCDBB Weapons pdfJCE Complaints pdfJCEC Demonstrations pdfJDA Corporal Punishment pdfJDB Detention pdfJDC Probation pdfJDD Suspension and Expulsion Procedures pdfJDDA Drug-Free School pdfJDDB Reporting to Law Enforcement pdfJDDC Bullying pdfJF Academic Achievement pdfJFA Peer Grading of Assignments pdfJFB Promotion and Retention pdfJFC Graduation Exercies pdfJFCA Early Graduation pdfJGA Student Insurance Program pdfJGC Health Assessments and Physicals pdfJGCA Local Wellness Policy pdfJGCB Inoculations pdfJGCBA Automated External Defibrillators pdfJGCC Communicable Diseases pdfJGCD Health Screenings pdfJGD Student Psychological Services pdfJGEC Sexual Harassment pdfJGECA Racial and Disability Harassment pdfJGFB Supervision of Students pdfJGFF Student Transportation Regulation pdfJGFG Student Accidents pdfJGFGB Supervision of Medications pdfJGFGBA Student Self-Administration of Medications pdfJGFGBB Accommodating Students With Disabilities pdfJGG Transportation pdfJGGA Use of Video Cameras pdfJGH School Food Service Programs pdfJGHB Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines pdfJH Student Activities pdfJHC Student Organizations pdfJHCA Student Publications pdfJHCAA Gang Activity pdfJI Community Activities pdfJJ Employment of Students pdfJK Solicitations pdfJL Gifts pdfJM Contests for Students pdfJN Awards pdfJQ Exceptional Students pdfJQA Temporarily Disabled Students pdfJQE Alternative Arrangements for Nontraditional Students pdfJQI Adult Students pdfJQKA Foreign Exchange Students pdfJQL Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students pdfJQLA Class-Size/Caseload Limits for Exceptional Students pdfJR Student Records pdfJRA Types of Records pdfJRB Release of Student Records pdfJRC Disposition of Records pdfJRD Hearing Request pdfJS Student Fees and Charges


Vision Statement

Russell County USD 407 is dedicated to providing a culture of learning that will lead the state of Kansas in student success.

Mission Statement

The mission of USD 407 is to teach all students to their fullest potential, provide an appropriate learning environment and prepare students to become functional and effective citizens in an ever-changing world.

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