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G - Personnel (Licensed and Non-Licensed)

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(Licensed and Nonlicensed)

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pdfG Table of Contents pdfGA Personnel Policy Organization pdfGAA Goals and Objectives pdfGAAA Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination pdfGAAB Complaints and Discrimination pdfGAAC Sexual Harassment pdfGAACA Racial and Disability Harassment; Employees pdfGAAD Child Abuse pdfGAAE Bullying by Staff pdfGAAF Emergency Safety Interventions pdfGACA Positions pdfGACB Job Descriptions pdfGACC Recruitment and Hiring pdfGACCA Nepotism pdfGACD Employment Eligibility Verification pdfGACE Assignment and Transer pdfGAD Employee Development pdfGAE Complaints pdfGAF Staff-Student Relations pdfGAG Conflict of Interest pdfGAH Participation in Community Activities pdfGAHB Political Activities pdfGAI Solicitations pdfGAJ School Related Gifts and Premiums pdfGAK Personnel Records pdfGAL Salary Deductions pdfGAM Personal Appearance pdfGAN Travel Expense pdfGANA Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards pdfGAO Maintaining Proper Control pdfGAOA Drug Free Workplace pdfGAOB Drug Free Schools pdfGAOC Use of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Devices pdfGAOD Drug and Alcohol Testing pdfGAOE Workers Compensation pdfGAOF Salary Deductions pdfGAR Communicable Diseases pdfGARA Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan pdfGARI Family and Medical Leave pdfGARID Military Leave pdfGAT Staff Use of Communication Devices pdfGBH Supervision pdfGBI Evaluation pdfGBK Suspension pdfGBN Nonrenewal and Termination pdfGBO Resignation pdfGBQA Reduction of Teaching Staff pdfGBR Working Schedule pdfGBRC Professional Development pdfGBRD Staff Meetings pdfGBRE Additional Duty pdfGBRF Student and Parent Conferences pdfGBRG Non-School Employment pdfGBRGA Consulting pdfGBRGB Tutoring for Pay pdfGBRIBA Disability Leave pdfGBRJ Substitute Teaching pdfGBU Ethics pdfGCA Compensation and Work Assignments pdfGCI Classified Employee Evaluation pdfGCIA Evaluation of Coaches and Sponsors pdfGCK Suspension pdfGCRF Non-School Employment

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