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5th Grade Native American homes


Our 5th graders completed their unit on Native Americans with a culminating activity involving the research, designing, planning and building of a particular Native American dwelling.  Students worked in teams of 4-5 students and had 3 class periods to complete the task.  They were given certain criteria in which to follow.  The project not only taught them about Native American dwellings but also the importance of responsibility, deadlines and teamwork.  We had 15 dwellings being constructed in our classroom between the three classes...twigs, sticks, grass, straw, leaves, sand, rocks, cardboard, toothpicks, popsicles sticks, hot glue gun strings and name it...everywhere!!  So worth it seeing the pride on their faces when presenting their projects!!  5th graders ROCK!!

Native American dwellings Native American dwellings


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