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Requirements to Enter Program

Requirements to Enter the Program:

  1. Senior status
  2. At least 1 class period available for one semester
  3. All other classes on track to graduate
  4. Complete the Application Process and all requirements by deadline
  5. 2.0 minimum GPA
  6. Be in good standing with behavior, attendance, and overall work ethic

Requirement During the Internship:

  1. Set goals and expectations with the business partner
  2. Communicate regularly with the Program Coordinator in person and electronically
  3. Participate in regularly scheduled workshops to enhance employment and 21st century skills
  4. Keep a daily log of hours worked as well as turn in future schedules
  5. Journal and reflect on the experience
  6. Create and keep an ongoing digital portfolio of experience
  7. Maintain a minimum 80% grade in order to remain in the program
  8. Conduct a formal interview with the potential business partner

The final piece of the internship with be an oral presentation that will reflect on skills learned, overview of internship and profession, next steps from the internship, and the resources relevant.

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