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October Daily Assignments

October 2nd and October 3rd

Daily Writing Prompt: Do full automatic  weapons exceed our 2nd Amendment protections? Why?

Test: WW1 and the 1920’s

Video: The Great Depression

Handout: Lesson Summary 13 The Great Depression and the New Deal


October 4th and October 5th

Daily Writing Prompt: The annual Nobel Prizes are being awarded now. Who do you think should win the Peace Prize? WHY?

Video: The Great Depression  (continuesd)

Suviving the Dust Bowl

Test Review: WW1 and the 1920’s


October 6th and October 10th

Daily Writing Prompt: Find on 1930’s newspaper article online about the Dust bowl and Email it to me. 10 points. Due at the beginning of your next U.S. History class period.

Video: Suviving the Dust Bowl

Rooseveldt’s New Deal:

Lecture: Review of Lesson Summary 13 


October 11th and October 12th

Daily Writing Prompt: Identify one Infrastructure project of the New Deal/WPA. Explain in a paragraph explain the project and the benefit. Due next class period (Oct 13th & Oct. 16)   15 Points


Lecture: Complete/review Lesson Summary 13


October 13th and October 16th

Daily Writing Prompt: Name one New Deal initiative/program (non-infrastucture) sill in existance today. How does it benefit people in 2017?

Lecture: Review New Deal and Dust Bowl handouts

Video: TBD


October 17th and October 18th

TEST: Great Depression, Dust Bowl & the New Deal

Video: Begin In Pursuit of Honor


October 19th and October 20th

Daily Writing Prompt: Which is more important to you, freedom or safety? Explain.

Video: In Pursuit of Honor

Handout: Lesson Summary #14


October 23rd and October 24th

Daily Writing Prompt: Samuel Johnson wrote: Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Want does this mean to you?

Video: Complete In pursuit of Honor

Test Review: Great Depression, Dust Bowl & the New Deal



October 25rd and October 26th

 Daily Writing Prompt: People who were in their Teens and Twenties during WW2 are called the “Greatest Generation” Why do you think they were “great”?

Video: :

Lecture: Continue with Lesson summary 14. WWII


October 30th and October 31st

 Daily Writing Prompt: Many people believe the Whitehouse is haunted. If so, who or what is doing the haunting? Be creative.


Lecture: America’s war begins