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Wednesday, Nov. 29



1. Students will write at least one long term educational or career goal and three short term
goals that will help them reach it.
2. Students will complete the questions under Post-Secondary Plan and Career Planning
3. This is a part of Career Cruising that students can and should revisit each year.


Select My Goals & Plans from the My Plan tab at the top left corner of the Career Cruising home page

Under Career & Life Goals, students will enter at least one long term goal and three short term goals to help them reach it.

Under Post Secondary Plan click on View More to reveal Career Goals, Educational Goals and Financial plans.

              Under the Career Goals tab:

                             Fill in Students career Cluster Recommendations

                             Fill in Careers That Interest Me.  If they have saved Careers they will appear here.

                             Be sure to Save

              Under the Educational Goals tab:

                          Students choose the Level of Education that they plan to pursue

Under Schools That Interest Me tab students choose the schools that they are most interested in attending.

Be sure to Save

              Under Financial Plans tab:

Students review options to fund their education by placing checkmarks next to the appropriate sources of funding

Be sure to Save



Wednesday, Nov. 8



  1. Students will become more familiar with the Financial Aid Selector and search options  
  2. Each student will save one or more scholarships that they could apply for.
  3. This is a part of Career Cruising that seniors should revisit throughout their senior year.   


Select the Financial Aid Tab at the top of the Career Cruising home page

Show students the Financial Aid Selector.  Click on Start Selector.

  1. Lead students through the process which includes answering questions about:

Citizenship, background, academic history, college info, interests & talents, military service and corporate & volunteer experience.

  1. Scholarship search will provide a list of awards that match the information students provided.  They can narrow the search and decrease the number of awards by making the information they entered more specific
  2. Individual scholarships can be saved or students can save the entire list to My Plan
  3. Students can also use a keyword search to look for specific scholarships
  4.  Most scholarships are for seniors but there are a smaller number for underclassmen.
  5.  It can take hours to review and sort potential scholarships.  Remind students that they will need to set time aside to find and apply for scholarships.


Wednesday, Oct. 18


Objectives:  To go through your folder and prepare for conferences.  To call home to schedule your conference.

Today, we will take some time to look at what is in your folder.  You should all have a parent access letter, a conference information sheet, and your transcript.  We will take time to fill out your information sheet during seminar.  Also, you will each need to call home to schedule your conference time with your parents.  


YOU will expected to lead the conference next week.  This is YOUR plan for after high school.  I will be there to help facilitate discussion, but am not going to do all of the talking.  I will have your information projected onto the screen and you can show your parents the careers, schools, plans, etc that you have.  


Wednesday, Oct. 4


The goals for today: 

1.  Students will become more familiar with the Education tab and search options      

2.  All students will save one educational institution to My Plan by clicking on the Blue “Saved to My Plan” button in the top right corner of any college page. 


Type in the Keyword search to find a specific educational institution

Click on Kansas to see all 89 schools in our state.  Pick from the list or filter by type of institution (2- year, 4-year, Technical or Graduate).

Click on School Selector – narrow search by Type of School, Location, Majors offered, Student services.  If you don’t find a match look at Close Matches and other tabs.

Click on Compare Schools – Choose up to three school and compare them side by side (general info, admissions, expenses, student life, athletics and majors)

College Planning Timeline – Choose an overview or by grade level.


Wednesday, September 20


Today, we will look at how to narrow down your list of colleges that you may be interested in.  I will take you through some of the college/major searches you can do as well as show you how to do a side-by-side comparison of schools.


I’m going to ask that you follow along with me for a little bit and then I will turn you loose to check out the ecuation portion of the website a little bit more.  Have fun!



Wednesday, September 6


Last May, we took the “Matchmaker” interest inventory.  It should be in your portfolio if you want to see what careers matched your interests.  If you would like to take the assessment again OR take the more detailed assessment that goes with it, you can do that today.


The other assessment we took last May was the “My Skills” inventory.  This assessment tries to match careers with areas that you feel you are skilled in.  You may also take this one again if you would like.


By the end of the day, I want everyone to have several careers saved to their portfolio.  This is just a starting point and does not lock you into anything for future exploration.  I will show you a career search that might give you some more ideas.  


If you plan on attending a post-secondary school after graduation, you can begin to add schools to your portfolio.  Click on “explore educational oportunities” on the left navigation bar and you can see all the schools that interest you.  Find several schools that you may be interested in and save them to your portfolio as well.



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