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College Visits

College Visits


College visits can be taken by any Russell High School student at any time.   However, Russell High School Seniors are granted two visit days and Juniors are granted one visit day.  College visit days for Juniors and Seniors are considered School Activities and do not count against a students’ attendance for semester tests. Students may visit the same school more than once but it is not recommended. Military activities may be considered college visits.

Freshmen and Sophomores who wish to make a college visit may do so with parents permission, but will be considered excused/absent .


How do I take a College Visit day?

The Counselor will provide you with a College Visit Request Form.  Complete this form and return it to the Counselor 2 weeks before your preferred visit date.  Be sure to discuss the visit date and time with your parents.   The Counselor will set up your visit based on the information you provide and return  Your College Visit Form to you with the details of your visit. 


What options are there for College Visit days?

Some colleges, primarily the larger public Universities,  have specific days for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.  Group visit days include admissions presentations, group tours and group meetings with various departments and majors.  These days can by fun and exciting but typically do not allow much one-to-one time for students to speak with advisors/instructors.  

All colleges will allow individual visits.   I highly recommend the individual visit because students are scheduled to meet with an advisor.   This is a great opportunitiy to find out more detailed information about your potential major or area of study.

Most individual campus visits will last between 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours depending on the size of the campus and the number of activities that are planned.


How should I prepare for my College Visit day?

Write down any questions you and your parents may have.   It will be much easier to read the questions off of a list than to try to remember them when you are at your visit.