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CLassroom Rules and Expectations

Ruppenthal Middle School

                                                           Module Technology/Intro to Consturction

            Students enrolled in the 6th, 7th and  8th grade Module Technology  classes have a responsibility to themselves to be aware of what is expected on them in this class. As a student in this class, you have the responsibility to give your best effect everyday that you are in the classroom and with the assignments you will be expected to complete in order to receive the best grade possible for your commitment.

           Those students enrolled in the Module Technology classes will be completing their assignments on the computer that that particular module and the grades will be posted in the gradebook on a weekly timetable. Besides the module learning that will be going on, the students will also have non-mudule assignments that will be determined later in the year. These assignments will be from 1 – 4 class periods in length and the students will work together with a partner of small groups to complete them on time in order to recieve the best possible grade for their respective work.

            Students enrolled in the Intro to Consturction class will have in-class assignments as well as hands-on activities to complete in order to successfully complete this course. They will be introduced to Drafting, Scale Building, and a actual structure to comstruct. Most of their assignments will be completed in the classroom.

             Students are required to be on time and prepared for each class period. Assignments are due on the date requested for the best opportunity to receive the most points possible, and late papers with be accepted with a loss of possible points as handbook guidelines.

          As per the school handbook, any students who has an excused absence on the day that the assignment is due, is to turn in the assignment(s) when they return to class without loss of possible points.

Classroom expectations

           *          Students are to be in the classroom on time and in their seats when the bell sounds. Any students not in   the room will be counted                              as tardy unless they have a tardy slip from their previous class instructor.

           *          Students are to turn in all assignments when they are due. The instructor will inform the students when    the assignments are due.

           *          Students are to treat the instructor and each other with respect. Any student who does not treat the instructor or their peers with                         respect will be warned of their actions and expected to conform to proper classroom protocol.

           *          Students will remain in their seats until the instructor releases them to their next class.

           *          Students are not allowed to have gum, candy, drinks, etc. in the classroom. Any student who does not follow the rules will loss                         daily points.

           *          Students are expected to participate in class discussions.  Raising of the hand will indicate to the instructor that they have a comment                                to  add to the discussion at hand and will be recognized in turn to comment.

           *         Students are expected to behave in positive, appropriate manner at all times in the classroom and school. No horseplay or inappropriate                           language or behavior will be   tolerated and the student(s) involved will be corrected and will lose daily points.

           *         As per the school policy handbook, at the end of each grading period I will go thought the students  grades and exempt one grade  from                           that grading period. Grades that are not eligible from grade exemption are the following: Tests and Quizzes, Monthly Projects, and an                              assignment that is noted as a  No Homework Pass Assignment. 

Grading system:

                      Assignments - Students can earn up to 100% of the possible points for each assignment if it is complete,  turned in on time, and correct.

                     Tests & Quizzes -        Tests are worth 100 points and quiz scores will vary due to their content and context.

                      Non Module Projects -      The point value for these projects vary with the assignments.

            It is important that you place your name on all assignments that you turn in. A paper with no name will result in the following: (This does not                 include tests, quizzes, non-module  assignments, or No Homework Pass  assignments).

                        1st offense - 50 % off of possible grade.

                        2nd offense - a "0" grade for the assignment.

Loss of Points:

            Students can lose daily points by not following the classroom expectations:

                        Not coming to class prepared: ( No, pencil/pen, paper, Notebook, Textbook) any of the above -  lose 5 points

                        Chewing of gum or candy -lose 5 points -Possible detention time as per detention  activity sheet.

                        Inappropriate behavior ( horseplay, rude language, misbehaving, etc.) - lose 5 points

                                                                        - Possible detention time as per detention activity sheet.

                        Tardy  to class - 5 points - Possible detention time as per detention   activity sheet.

           All of the above expectations are also subject to school discipline guidelines and will be followed accordingly.



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