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5-15-17 Cross country practice will start around August 14, 2017.  I will send a letter as the time gets closer with specific details.  Make sure to have a physical to hand me on the first day.  Otherwise you cannot practice.  Run throughout the summer.

7-14-17 Hope your summer is going well.  Just a reminder to be thinking about a team quote and t-shirt design.  Make sure to have your physicals BEFORE the first practice.  It will be here before we know it.  I am excited about what the season will hold.  Lots of good things I think.

8-13-17  If it is raining or lightning tomorrow night (Monday) at 11:20 pm, we will not have the midnight practice.  And if we don’t practice at midnight, I will meet you at 8 am on Tuesday morning.  Could you email that you got this message??  Thanks

Attention Russell Cross Country Team,

I will post information about possible weekly runs.  As the middle to latter part of June nears, we may see about a day to run together each week.  I will try to post something the day before so you will be able to check.  Then those who can show up to run, we will run.  It is not required.  It is just an option.  However, try to at least be getting a long slow run and another one or two runs in a week.  You can also email suggestions or days that work.  Happy running!


  • Team comraderie
  • Run in the rain
  • Noah Gfeller Regional: 3rd place
  • Race time at State

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