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One of the most common questions I get from students and parents is, “what kind of supplements are safe and effective to use for a high school student?”  Although I understand the feeling of wanting to get any advantage possible to help attain ones fitness goals, I strongly suggest that a person should evaluate their nutritional habits, daily routines, and other factors that could potentially pose a threat to health and wellness.  Student-athletes in particular have many things to balance in the typical school day and a little planning can go a long way.  However, it may be necessary or beneficial to aide a student-athletes diet with properly chosen supplements that meet their specific needs.  It is extremely important that diligent research is done on any product or supplement that you are planning on incorporating into your workout routine.  There are many products on the market that can affect blood pressure, heart function, and hormone production.  These effects can be detrimental to your health if you are already suffering from a predisposed health problem.

I have taken the time to find and investigate some products that may be of interest to high school students.  These products were the safest, rawest, and most effective products that I could find or that I was referred to by other health professionals.  

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