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General Class Rules

General Rules (2015-2016), Mr. Kaufman


Be in the room, in your seat, when the bell rings. If you are detained in another teacher’s room, ask them to send me a short note to excuse you.  If you need to use the restroom, come here first and let me know, then go! Look to the board for an assignment to begin the hour.  Five (5) unexcused tardies will mean that you are taking the semester test.


  1. The supplies you will need are listed below.
  1. Pencil or mechanical pencil, eraser, and paper.  You will make mistakes, so no pensI reserve the right to penalize you 5% for the use of pens on tests.
  2. Calculator (TI-83plus, or TI-84plus, silver edition would be a good investment). Might use Venue.
  3. A 3-ring notebook dedicated to this class only.  This is a requirement.  You will receive several handouts, and will do several assignments that must be kept organized.  Bring it with you every day.  Worth 10 test points!


  1. Grading Scale: 90, 80, 70, 60. Refer to the following to see how your grades will be determined.


  1. For each semester, 80% of your grade will come from tests and quizzes and 20% from daily work.  All tests will be recorded on a 100-point basis regardless of the actual number of points on the test.  Tests will be curved only if the average grade is less than a 75% or middle C.  The curve will be applied in such a way as to make the mean score a 75%, but no curve will raise anyone’s score above 100%.  Do not expect retests.  It is time to take full responsibility for your successes or failures.  Quizzes will be recorded based on your points correct out of the number possible on the quiz.  Quizzes will never be curved.  Daily points are given based on activities, labs, written assignments, and your neatly kept notebook.  Take part in class discussions.  There is nothing wrong with being wrong!  Class participation will be critical to your understanding and individual success.  Attitude and participation grades will be given.  For each chapter or unit you can consider yourself to begin with a 95% daily grade.  The things you do not do will lower that grade in 5% increments.  In other words, your “A” daily grade is yours to lose; if you do not obey class rules, participate, or do assigned daily work.


  1. In the event that you take the semester test, 80% of your grade will come from your course work, and 20% will come from your semester test score.  The computer, by default, will automatically use your course scores if you do not have to take the semester test.  Some of you may choose to take the semester test in an effort to raise your grade.  This rule will apply: If you take it, I will grade it.  If I grade it, I will record it regardless of whether it raises or lowers your semester grade.


  1. Expect assigned seats.  Expect assigned lab partners.  This is my classroom, not yours.  Chemistry and physics are elective classes, not requirements.  You are here by choice, so be prepared to work.  When it is my turn to talk, listen.  When it is your turn to talk, I will listen.  Each year, students choose to fail rather than do what is asked.  These courses may be the hardest you have ever taken.  If you are not prepared to work, and work hard, perhaps you should visit with the counselor about a class change.  You should not be enrolled in chemistry unless you are currently in or have successfully completed algebra II.  Likewise, an understanding of trigonometry is an asset for physics.


  1. Respect will be the key to your success in my room.  Respect yourself first.  You will never reach your own potential if you don’t give yourself a chance.  Respect others.  Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.  I will treat you with the respect you deserve as a fellow human being and young adult.  If you lose that respect, it will be due to your behavior in this room, and you will be treated accordingly.  Respect the personal property and space of those around you.  Expect them to respect you as well. Respect Russell High School and this classroom.  Do not handle equipment (fans and shades included) in this room without specific permission. Keep your feet on the floor! This is your school.  Take the kind of pride in it that you do in that car of yours or any of your personal possessions.  It can only be what you make it, and it is your and your parents’ tax dollars that support it.  Buildings and textbooks do not make a school anymore than a house makes a home.  It is the attitude of the people that can make RHS a good place and a fun place to be.  We can be the best, but only by choice.