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College & College Preparation



The College Classes page summarizes the summer classes and CNA/CMA classes available.

The College Events and Information page is update monthly during the school year.  It is a summary of various college events, activities and opportunities that high school students may participate in.

The College Visits page explains what kids of college visits are available and what RHS studens need to do in order to take a college visit day that will not impact theirt attendance/semester tests.

The Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions page answers questions about dual credit opportunities, prerequisites, testing, cost, enrollment, textbooks and BCC College Advantage scholarships.

The Junior/Senior Pre-College Checklist offers students a guideline to follow to keep them on track.

The KBOR Qualified Admissions requirements page explains the admissions requirements for the six Public State Universities (Emporia State University, Fort Hays State University, Kansas State University, Pitsburg State University, Wichita State University, University of Kansas)

The KBOR Scholars Curriculum is required for the Kansas Scholar’s Scholarship eligibility

The NCAA has specific rules and requirements for students who want to compete in NCAA Division 1 and NCAA Division 2 athletics.  Click on the appropriate division for eligibility information.  The NAIA also has eligibility requirements.  Click here for NAIA eligibility information.

The Planning For Your Future page looks at many educational opportunities for high school graduates and includes information about technical schools, junior colleges, colleges and universities.  The purpose is to provide direction for students as they prepare for their future. 

Other topics included will be educational opportunities for high school graduates, how to select a school, costs, and funding an education.  A timeline to help students prepare for their future will be reviewed and will focus on ACT and PSAT tests, campus visits and dual credit courses.