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What is a transcript? 

A transcript is a written record of a students' classes, grades and credits.  It also includes a cumulative Grade Point Average(GPA) and Class rank.


Why do I need a transcript?  

Transcripts are used by high schools, colleges and scholarship committees to verify students' academic accomplishments.


Do I need an official or unofficial transcript?  

Most colleges require an official transcript for admission.  An official school transcript  is signed by a school official and has a school stamp verifying its authenticity.  Official transcripts are sent directly to the college from the high school or may be delivered by the students in a sealed envelope.   If the envelope is open, the transcript is no longer official. Students may request an unofficial transcript for their personal use.


How do I request a transcript?  

Students may request a transcript by calling Russell High School (785-483-5631).

When requesting a transcript, please include the following information: 1)  Do you need an official or unofficial transcript?  2)  Provide a detailed mailing address for the organization you want to receive your records.  3) Also include your date of birth, year of graduation and maiden name, if appropriate.


I am going to college soon and I need a transcript that shows the dual credit courses I took at RHS.   What should I do?

Your Russell High School transcript only shows Russell High School credits.  You must request a transcript from BCC to verify your BCC courses.  Click here for a BCC transcript request form.