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The purpose of physical education is to teach the whole student, not just their body and movement. Physical education provides the opportunity to teach students about movement, strategies, teamwork, problem solving and health related fitness. Each of these areas is addressed in the National Association for Sport and Physical Education’s (NASPE) standards and is important to teaching the whole student. Exposing students to various physical activities, sports, and methods of fitness can better provide enjoyment of physical activity, as well as build social, psychomotor, and cognitive skills. I strive to safely provide the means for students to enjoy physical activity, become more confident with their abilities, increase their knowledge of health related fitness, and help them find ways to continue to be physically active.
The present level of activity among children and young adults is a problem and a known contributor to the rising levels of obesity in the United States. I hope to provide an opportunity for students to find enjoyment in physical activity by sharing my passion for physical activity and movement. Every student is unique, and will be given the opportunity to test their strengths and weaknesses, while continually finding success in my class. I will do everything within my ability to provide students with attainable goals, as well as challenge them in ways that will help students observe their improvement. The use of various assessments that measure the student’s progress and improvement will provide tangible evidence of student growth. Assessments are a form of opportunities to succeed and will consist of projects, journals, task achievement checklists, and quizzes. These assessments can also evaluate each student on NASPE’s six national standards.
My major focus will be to make physical education class as enjoyable as possible. This goal starts by providing a safe and comfortable environment. This occurs when every student feels physically and emotionally safe, and anti-bullying is implemented. Enthusiasm and respect for the students is also integral to fostering an enjoyable environment. To further develop respect and provide a fun environment I will be open with all students and encourage them to challenge me in ways where there is the opportunity to learn from each other. I believe that including the students in curriculum selection is the best way to provide enjoyment. This will help students feel much more involved in the curriculum, rather than feeling force to participate in activities where students find no personal meaning. I will allow students to help shape the course of study, where they can select some of what they are learning, without neglecting their overall development in physical education.
I can provide students with the means and knowledge for living a healthy, active, lifestyle. Students will be encouraged to find individual ways that work for them to stay fit in a safe fashion, both physically and emotionally. Providing the knowledge of how to be physically fit is not enough. I must seek to help students continue to be physically active outside of class. This can be done by offering extra credit for participating in non-school related sports activities, such as triathlons or road races. To further emphasize continued participation in physical activity, I can encourage parents to play or join their children in the activities they enjoy. It is fundamental to this profession, and as a role model, that teachers practice what they preach. By being involved in many physical activities, both in and outside of school, students will see I live what I teach and hopefully develop respect for me on a much higher level. My passion for physical activity led me to the noble profession and I hope to leave a legacy of that passion within my students.