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Can Humans Feel Temperature?

This video describes why we feel what we feel when we hold cold objects, and why some seem colder than others.  Think about this:  Why does a tile floor feel colder in winter than the rug that is laying on that same floor?

What is the Difference Between Heat and Temperature?

This cartoon exemplifies the difference between degrees of hotness or coldness and the actual amount of heat energy that a substance contains.

Were the Old Ones Really Better?

This video demonstrates the marked differences in the construction of automobiles as consumers became more aware of safety issues and auto makers were forced to address insurance and consumer concerns. 

Are Car Seats Necessary?

This video demonstrates the dangers of holding an infant in the front seat without a properly installed car seat.  This demonstrates just how lucky the last generation was in raising children to adulthood without harm.

A Grandfather's Plea!

This is a tough video to watch, but demonstrates why young children should not only be placed in a car seat, but also why that car seat should be rear facing for as long as possible.

Pirate Attack

This short shows the pirate attack from the movie "Six Days Seven Nights" starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche.  Their characters have been marooned on a tropical island and their escape comes by virtue of their repair of their damaged seaplane just in the nick of time.

BBC Documentary Atom 1 The Clash of the Titans

This video both humanizes and idolizes the greatest minds in physics during the first part of the 20th century.  At the same time it paints a picture of both the battle and the victory as physicist fought to understand the atom.

The Solvay Conference

This picture shows the great minds of the physics revolution of the early20th century.

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