November Daily Assignments

November 2nd and November 4th

Daily Writing Prompt: The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) was built 4500 years ago. Scientists have receintly found a hidden chamber inside using new”xray” techniques. What will they find inside?  Feliz dia de los Muertos

Lecture: Progress of WW2 late 1942

Video: Operation Torch: The fight in North Africa.


November 6th and November 7th

Daily Writing Prompt: Convicted felons and people who have Dishonorable Discharges from the military are not allowed to purchase or possess firearms. Should the persons who sell/give firearms to these felons be held criminally responsible? WHY?


Lecture: WWll on the Homefront.


November 9th and November 10th

Daily Writing Prompt: (November 9th) Why do you think 150,000 Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps during WW2, while only 11,000 German Americans were detained?


Lecture: WW2 battles in the Pacific and in Europe