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The apparel orders are here!  The two links below will take you to the online store.  The store is open until Nov. 20 so get your orders in ASAP.


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There will NOT be a C-Team game vs. Ellinwood on December 1st as they don’t have enough players to field three teams.  The JV Girls will play 2 quarters in the small gym and the boys will play a full JV game in the small gym after a 15:00 warm up period.  





Monday:  Freshmen/Sophomores practice at 6:30 AM in Big Gym, Juniors and Seniors after school in Small Gym

Tuesday: Conditioning at 6:45 AM, Practice at 3:45 in Big Gym

Wednesday:  Practice at 8:00 AM in Big Gym

Thursday:  No Practice-Thankgiving

Friday:  Practice at 5:00 PM in Big Gym

Saturday:  Practice at 9:00 AM in Big Gym






Shooting Shirts are here!! The cost is $14 for a short sleeve shirt, $17 for a long sleeve shirt, or $31 if you ordered both.  Bring your money to Coach Swanson and make any checks payable to RHS.  You will not get your shirts until they have been paid for.  






You can find the practice calendars for November and December here.  They are subject to change.

November Practice Schedule

December Practice Schedule






Video Resources

The Power of Eyes from PGC.  A great video about giving your coaches eye contact.  

A Habit of Great Floor Leaders from PGC.  Super video about the importance of giving reminders.

Cross-Over Training Video from I heart Basketball TV-good workout for individual time.


Getting our Program into SCHAPE!


  • Championship level play requires large amounts of energy
  • Great teams are spirited and enthusiastic​
    • Poor teams are mundane and monotonous
  • Spirit is needed the most when you feel like giving it the least.  "Act as If"


"We can have talking, clapping, or running"  Billy Gillespie

  • High level practice is noisy
    • Hear-Noise
    • See-Intensity
  • Need even more spirit from players on the sideline (either not in the drill or injured)
  • Why no Spirit?
    • Coaches don't bring it. 
      • It's the players job to be positive and bring spirit
    • You don't feel like it.
      • See third bullet point
    • Three ways to increase spirit
      • High Five's
      • Chest Bumps
      • Butt Slaps



  • Why don't teams talk?
    • Lack of Confidence
    • Afraid to put it out there
    • Don't understand the importance of their voice
    • Shy-introverted


"Not talking on a basketball court is like missing a lay up."  Jeff Capel

"We have a special place for strong silent types--THE BENCH!"  Mike Krzyewski

  • NITE Communication
    • N-Name
      • People love to hear their names, draw attention to them
      • Say names first before giving any information or feedback
    • I-Intellegent
      • Basketball information relative to what is happening on the floor
    • T-Tone of Voice
      • Its not what you say, it's how you say it
    • E-Eye Contact
      • #1 way to dictate communication
  • How to Communicate
    • Say what you are doing
    • Tell teammate what they are doing
  • Reminders


90% of all communication is Non-Verbal



  • Leading by example is not enough; but it is necessary
    • Don't be a 50/50 player where you work hard 50% of the time and find 50% of the time to take it easy
  • Be a sheep dog
    • Heard sheep to do the necessary things together
    • Be persistent and hard working until the task is completed
  • Be the first one to every drill/station
  • Hustle is contagious.  So is lack of hustle.  Want do you want our program to be known for? 



  • Control what you can control; don’[t worry about what you can’t control
  • Consistency of disposition
    • Mental Toughness
      • Don’t be a victim of the environment
      • Own you emotions; don’t let emotions own you
    • Focus on bigger things.  Maximize time.
      • Noble-minded
      • Un-ruffle-ability



  • Having the discipline to do something as well as it can be done every single time even if it is uncomfortable or inconvenient.
  • Most people are happy to do stuff pretty well.  They will cut corners and be happy to just “get by.”
  • Precision is doing all of the things that say “I care enough to be above average.”
  • Develop a ridiculous attention to detail.
    • Would you want a sloppy or undisiciplined doctor, attorney, or pilot?  Or would you want a doctor, attorney, or pilot that pays attention to detail?
    • Coaches want players that pay attention to detail.
  • Greatness is being able to do over and over again things others do every once in awhile.



  • Enhance:  to positively contribute to an environment or unselfishly offer a service
  • Contribute, don’t contaminate
  • Leave environments better than you found it
  • ETDMTYS (expect to do more than your share)

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