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Here you will find the site for doing your online homework assignments.

Power Geometry

This site is where you will find the resources that go along with your text book


This is the site where you will watch selected videos.  You login/password is the same as for MathXL.

Random Name Picker

You can paste a list of names into this website and it will randomly pick names for you.  Great for simple random samples!

Probability Distribution Calculator

Calculates the mean, variance, and standard deviation of a probability distribution

Binomial Probability Calculator

Calculates the probabilities for binomial distributions

Poisson Distribution Calculator

This calculator will calculate probabilities using a Poisson Distribution

Z-Score Calculator for Standard Normal Distributions

Use this calculator to find the area/probabilities for standard normal distributions.  

Confidence Interval Calculator for Proportions

Use this calculator to find the confidence intervals for proportions

Confidence Interval Calculator for Means

Confidence Interval Calculator for Means

Student t-distribution calculator

Use this when you have a t-value and need to find the area/probability using a t-distribution (and vice-a-versa)

Chi-Squared Calculator

This calculator find the critical values for a chi-squared distribution.  

Chi Squared to P-Value Calculator

This calculator will find the p-value associated with the test statistic found when testing a claim about a standard deviation.  

Correlation Coefficient Calculator

This calculator will give your the correlation coefficient for a set of bivariate data.

Linear Regression Calculator

This calculator will compute the line of best fit for a set of data.



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GEOMETRY: Test over Equations

Attention Geometry Students:  You will have a test/quiz over writing equations of lines on Friday, Nov. 17 (Blue day) and Monday, Nov. 20 (Red day).  There is an optional review online on MathXL if you want to look at it before the quiz/test.