Holocaust Resources

Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive

53,000 visual testimony archive of genocide survivors.  Not all are Holocaust but some good stuff here.  Free registration is required to access the archive.

Yad Vashem -- World Center for Holocaust Research

The Israeli Holocaust Memorial Museum found in Jerusalem.  Lots of good resources here.  A excellent expansion to the information found on the USHMM site.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Museum website has online exhibits, access to many documents, interviews, and information on the Holocaust and provides additional links to other resrouces as well.  An excellent overall site to explore.

The Jewish Virtual Library

Encylcopedic website that allows for links between topics on lots of Holocaust topics.  A good way to examine a variety of topics, primary sources, and connections between one topic and the next thru the links offered.

German Propaganda Archive

Tons of primary documents covering various methods of German Propaganda.  Lots of resources here woth examining!

Midwest Center for Holocaust Education

This is the website for the archive in Kansas City at the Jewish Community Center that allows us to research materials for our paper. Their website is a useful resource to reference for a number of areas in Holocaust study.

Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fantastic site that archives text, video, and audio interviews of survivors.  Amazing amout of primary source information on this website!

Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

Encylcopedia-style information.  Some really good stuff here and links to more good reasources.

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