BOE Goals

Board of Education Goals

2017 – 2022

Goal 1:

USD 407 will improve communication from the district to the internal and external publics by May of 2022.

Goal 1 Success Plan

Goal 2:

USD 407 will provide updated and safe facilities to meet the educational needs of students by May 2022.

Goal 2 Success Plan

Goal 3:

USD 407 will increase the percentage of successful high school graduates from 73% to 90% by 2022.

Goal 3 Success Plan


Vision Statement

Russell County USD 407 is dedicated to providing a culture of learning that will lead the state of Kansas in student success.

Mission Statement

The mission of USD 407 is to teach all students to their fullest potential, provide an appropriate learning environment and prepare students to become functional and effective citizens in an ever-changing world.

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